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Who we are
The leading accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and tax solutions for the cannabis industry

Leading Edge Accounting Services is the leading financial solution for the cannabis industry. With over three decades of accounting experience, we guarantee you're in expert hands. We fully understand the dire, rising demand for firm, knowledgeable counsel in the regulatory requirements on both federal and state levels.

Failing to comply can have devastating consequences on your business. At best, you'll incur exorbitant fines. At worst, your business will be unable to recover. At Leading Edge Accounting Services, we provide the necessary reliable and seasoned counsel to guarantee your finances are taken care of so you can allocate your focus where it's needed most.

We're committed to managing your finances, optimizing your financial situation, and streamlining your success. Just like the cannabis companies we assist, we know a thing or two about growth. With our help, you'll reach new heights.

We are part of the DOPECFO network of professionals who are knowledgeable in federal and state regulations to keep you compliant.


How we'll optimize your financial situation
We offer custom solutions tailored to your situation

At Leading Edge Accounting Services LLC, we understand the minutiae of the cannabis tax and accounting industry. With entirely unique regulations, it's easy to make minor bookkeeping and tax mistakes that have major consequences. Through meticulous, detail-oriented service, we proudly provide a range of solutions, including:

  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax Prep
  • Cash Flow
  • Payroll

The cannabis industry has exploded on the scene in recent years, however, it's still unlike any other industry in existence. Understanding precisely how taxes are applied to the sale of cannabis and how to manage a cash-only business requires years of experience, training, and an unfaltering eye for detail.

Luckily, with Leading Edge Accounting, we have all three in abundance. Click below to learn more about what we do.


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